Weight Lifting Chart

Easily Track Your Progress with this FREE Weight Lifting Chart!

Using this blank workout chart you can easily & accurately track your performance week to week. Without a workout chart it is easy to convince yourself that you are getting stronger when really you may not be making any improvements at all.

Every serious bodybuilder will track their performance to make sure that every week they are getting stronger and working their way towards their goals. You can and should too carry a weight lifting chart to make sure that you are pushing yourself and not hitting a plateau.

No matter how hard you try you won't be able to track your progress like you would with a workout chart. It only takes a couple of minutes a day to update this free workout chart and until you try it, you won't really realize what you have been missing out on!

Free Weight Lifting Chart

Directions for Saving & Printing:

  • Click on the "Sample Weightlifting Chart" Above to View Full Size
  • Right Click on the "Blank Weightlifting Chart" and Select Save As or Print Image

On the left side of the workout chart there is a blank where you will enter the type of exercise you performed during your workout. To the right of that is 6 blanks spots for each set you did of that exercise. In this blank you want to write in how much weight you did and how many reps you did during that particular set.

I really hope this Printable Free Weightlifting Chart helps you build muscle like it did for me. Remember to keep tracking your progress and you will start to see yourself get motivated like never before. You will give yourself the power to push harder and lift more than ever before!

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