Free Workout Plans for Sport Athletes

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Whether you are a college athlete or just beginning; you can be sure that these workout plans will help you build the strength, speed, and agility you need to succeed in your favorite sport!

football player, running back, running with footballBeing in college I have been able to build some useful connections with athletic trainers from various colleges around the nation. You can be sure that these routines will give you the upper advantage over your opponent because they are from some of the best trainers around.

Any serious college athlete knows how important it is to take care of their body with both; training and nutrition. Check out our Nutrition Guide for Athletes for more information about getting the most out of your diet.

All Sport Specific Workout Routines:

  • Football Strength Workout

    The Football Strength Workout is a great workout for building strength and giving you the explosive power football players need. The workout is based on a 3 day split with workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    Experience level: 5/5
    Type: 4 Day Split
    Rated: 4/5

  • Exercise for Lower Back Srength

    At least one exercise for lower back strength every day can really improve your overall strength. This workout is designed to target your core muscles including your abdominals and lower back.

    Experience level: 3/5
    Type: 3 Day Split
    Rated: 5/5

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