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You can find lots of FREE workout plans here! It is important to change up your workout routine often so I have compiled a bunch of great routines to help you out. You can choose from muscle building routines, toning routines, strength building, fat loss routines, and sport specific routines!


What's New?
1. 10 Week Mass Building Routine
2. CBB Cutting Routine
3. 5x5 Massive Strength Builder

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Intermediate Muscle Building
2. Ultimate Strength Training Routine
3. 3 Day Muscle Building

Just choose which bodybuilding routine you need to achieve your goals and you can print them and take them with you or you can build your own by changing these routines around! We have free workout plans for three day splits and four day splits just pick the one that you prefer and you will be on your way to building the body you desire!

If you have any questions about the free workout plans feel free to email me and I’ll help you figure out the best thing for you.

Trying to bulk up? These muscle building routines are designed to promote hypertrophy so that your muscles grow larger in size.

New Muscle Building Routines:

Intermediate Muscle Building

3-Day Routine for Muscle Building

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Is strength more important to you? Then check out these bodybuilding routines, they have been designed to promote muscular strength.

New Strength Building Routines:

Ultimate Strength Training Routine

5x5 Massive Strength Building Routine

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Check out these great toning workouts if your main goal is to get that nice ripped look. These routines are designed to maintain muscle while burning fat.

New Toning Workout Routines:

Brian's RipTone Workout Routine

CBB Cutting Workout Routine

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If your main goal is to get in shape for sport, then check out these sport specific routines. They are designed to help you excel in the sport that you love.

New Sport Specific Routines:

Football Strength Workout Routine

Exercise for Lower Back Strength

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